Case Studies

These case studies demonstrates that when you choose a new career path, you have to be open minded, and be prepared to accept, that entry into a new area can mean starting at the beginning and working your way up.

Joanne first came to the LETS Fair in February 2015 to look for training and employment opportunities. After a conversation with Simon at The Learning Partnership stand she learnt about the Employment Support for the Over 50s programme which she decided to join. The programme is funded by the European Social Fund and Luton Borough Council and it is delivered by The Learning Partnership in co-operation with Berries Employment, Kennedy Scott and Step by Step.

This is what Joanne says about her experience on the Employment Support for the Over 50s programme: "At my first session with the Learning Partnership I was made to feel at ease. They provided all the facilities I needed to help me look for work - job search, interview techniques, help with my application forms and my C.V. etc. As the course was focused on people over 50 I felt a lot more relaxed. With their knowledge of the job search process I got the support I was looking for. Overall, my whole experience of the course was that the Learning Partnership were very friendly and welcoming. I would highly recommend anybody looking for work to take this course."

Case Study - Joanne

50+ male who had retired but wanted to re-enter employment to make use of his skills (and earn some money), expressed his interest in the 'Employment Support for the Over 50's' programme and signed up to our programme at the LETS Fair.
During his induction he expressed concern that some of his technical skills may be out of date and that as he had had a variety of jobs he was not quite sure what sort of job to look for, so we guided him to complete a Skills Health check, which identified his key skills (for inclusion in his CV when we reviewed it with him) and suggested some career options for him to investigate.
After attending the Work Club for 9 weeks, and having some additional one-to-one support, he was offered a job. His feedback: "Attending Work Club has been very valuable and enjoyable. I have received a lot of help in reviewing my CV and job searching. While my new job didn't directly come from my attendance at the Work Club, the Work Club did add to my confidence and willingness to apply for and accept job opportunities."

Case Study - Client A

A 50+ female who had signed up for the 'Employment Support for the Over 50's' programme for help in finding employment, attended her first week at Work Club where we recommended that our clients attend the LETS Fair.
The following week we received this email "Sorry I couldn't make it to the Work Club yesterday. I have some good news. I went down to the LETS Fair as was suggested by you and went round the stalls and signed up for a job at Asda.
I got called for interview that very evening and they informed me yesterday that I got the Job. So thank you very much for your help and I am so happy to be Employed again. Needless to say I won't be returning as I now have a Job and that feels so good to say. The best of luck with your endeavours and thank you very much for everything."

Case Study - Client B

50+ male who had been referred to the 'Employment Support for the Over 50's' programme by Jobcentre Plus, and after attending our Work Club for 6 weeks he took up our recommendation to attend the LETS Fair.
Armed with his new CV and increased confidence from attending the Work Club, he visited a number of employers at the LETS Fair and was offered a job working for Sainsbury's, which he accepted.

Case Study - Client C

A 26 year old unemployed male job seeker who has experience as a web developer but wishes to transition into digital marketing. He expressed his interest in the "Social Media Skills for Digital Marketing" after visiting our stand at the LETS fair in September 2015.
Client has now started the course and has found it very useful so far.
The course was for unemployed people (as well as graduates and SME Employees), the course is spread over 3 weeks, with all unemployed delegates undertaking.

Case Study - Client A

A 53 year old female with experience in health care, wishes to update her skills in using social media professionally. She found out about the Social Media Skills for Digital Marketing at the LETS fair.
She has a general interest in marketing and wishes to become skilled in this area to improve her employability.
She completed the course and found it exceptionally useful, in particular utilising keywords and connecting with communities.

Case Study - Client B